Ducklings and Shoes and Kayaking

Lots of new ducklings on the lake this week. And the great blue heron was quite active today as well. In fact, between the new duck parents and the heron, things were quite cacophonous on the lake this morning. And warm. So lovely and so warm.

Mama and her babies paddling by.

In other news, I finally bought new shoes. Both my Gortex and my regular trail runners were far past the optimum mileage. I stayed with the tried and true and bought a new pair just like the old pair. My knees can feel the difference.

New shoes, just like the old shoes. Only cleaner and cushier.

And, I have spent the past two mornings in my kayak after my runs, back in my happy place just floating and reading and enjoying the sun. This summer, I will be leaving my feet in my shoes while I float. Don’t want any more moles appearing on the soles of my feet. Having that one suspicious new mole removed a couple of months ago put a real damper on my running and luckily it was benign. Had it not been, my running days may well have been over. So. Shoes on in the boat.

Back in my post-run happy place. Watching the fisher people.


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