Lost and Found

Found some more things today. Enjoy!

Found one missing sock today.

How long will this stay in the tree, I wonder?

I am often amazed at what people lose on a daily basis around the lake where I run most of the time: shirts, gloves, keys. I myself recently lost my debit card when I pulled my phone out of my pocket to take a picture and the debit card went with it. Lucky for me, a good and kind person turned it into my bank within the hour, a kindness for which I am quite grateful. But it’s not the items lost by adults that I find interesting. I’m more interested in what the children lose, because I imagine them tossing their belongings from their strollers or back packs as distracted parents push and lug the kids around the lake in the name of fun. And I know (remember) what it’s like to get home with only one shoe or a single mitten and wonder “What the heck? Where’s the other sock? How did we lose yet another mitten?”

Sad and lost horse on a rainy day. Hope his person found him.

Left behind on a bench. Whatever it is, it looks complicated.

The loneliest mitten. Lost on a bed of moss.

Sad and dejected. Not Tinkie Winkie, but who? Blue?


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