Recent Random Runs

The past few runs have been wet, cold, and windy. Just when I was thinking spring had sprung and I could maybe start running in shorts again, the snow and hail made an appearance. And today dawned wet and windy. I got my run in \ after the rain and before the wind picked up too much. Wind is hard to capture in a photograph, but tomorrow I’ll get some shots of things that have fallen over or blown down.

Hail. Captured last week when my stupid Nike app got turned off by an errant brush of my damp sleeve against my Apple watch. So, instead of one 5 mile run, I ended up with two, 2.5 mile runs.

The other half of the interrupted run. Duck trying to stay warm. He, too, thought spring had arrived. We were both wrong.

Who will stop the rain? Running in the rain didn’t used to bother me. Now, I’m not such a fan.


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