The Return of the Fisherpeople

So many thoughts today as I ran, mostly dominated by my feelings about fisherfolk lining the banks of the lake. First thought: Why do fisherpeople wear camo? I mean, seriously. Why?

Second thought: Why do they smoke? So many smokers. I don’t come here to run so I can inhale second hand smoke.

Third thought: Where are the park rangers and the fish and wildlife folk? Shouldn’t they be out here checking licenses and enforcing rules? Padden is a smoke-free park, allegedly.

Fourth thought: Probably going to have to find a new place to run on the weekends now. Can’t deal with the smoking.

Fifth thought: Pretty cool that Ms. Blue Heron was out today too.

Sixth thought: Went faster today than I have in awhile. Must be because I rode my bicycle exercise trainer instead of running in the rain yesterday.


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