Hazy Lazy Run

Still not feeling great out there. Yesterday was a bit better, but I didn’t get a picture to go with the run. Today I felt like I’d lost a week’s worth of training, I was so sluggish. Still. No rain. Puddles are drying up. Wind is dying down. No injuries except to my ego. Plenty to be grateful for (or for which to be grateful, if you are particular about such things). I am going to try a little experiment: going back to running to music instead of podcasts. I switched it up because I was so tired of my play lists, but yesterday I forgot to bring my headphones along and ran without any thing plugged directly into my ears. I was faster. I had to listen to myself huff and puff and wheeze and so perhaps wanted it to all be over with more quickly. That is one possible explanation. Or, maybe I’m concentrating too hard on listening. We’ll see what happens. I will report back. Here’s today’s photo–placid on the lake today.

I always seem to stop and take a pic from this spot.


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