Almost Time to Put the Kayak in the Water

Before my run yesterday, I was freezing cold. Even though the outside temps were hovering near 50, I could not get warm. I had physical therapy right before, so I had on shorts and a t-shirt and my long sleeve quarter zip pullover, but I couldn’t face getting out of the Jeep in just shorts, so I pulled on some pants and my jacket and walked the first lap around the lake. Recently, I’ve noticed when I walk, my lower back hurts, so I asked my physical therapist about that. She recommended shorter strides. It worked. I always run with quick short strides, but usually stride out while walking. Taking the shorter strides helped a lot. By the end of the first lap, I was ready to shed my outer layers and run. Also, I’m ready to put my kayak in the water. The buoys are out. Just need a few more days of sunshine!

The elusive orange buoy. Captured between laps around the lake. I walked one, ran one. Foot is a bit tender.

Further signs of spring. My focus is improving though I wish the flowers were as crisp as the leaf and stem.

The lake is like glass. The green buoy is out for the season. Almost time for kayak season.


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