Back at It After a Month Off

The sunshine has returned to the Pacific Northwest, and my foot has finally healed. I am able to run again after a month of limping, walking, and just trying to stay off of it. I haven’t taken so much time off in years, and I could feel what a difference not running made in my disposition, how I felt in my body, how I slept, and how I appreciated my overall good health. I had a few moments of panic when I imagined a future that did not include running. Thank goodness the biopsy came back negative. No more sitting with my feet in the sun in my kayak without shoes or sunscreen. These feet were made for running, and I need to protect them.

Last week, I was still walking, and feeling great in the sunshine.

Walking a bit farther than the day before and really missing getting the miles done in under an hour!

Not a bad time for the first run in over a month! The sun was out. The lake was glistening. My foot felt great!

A little slower today, but the foot is still good and the rains have not yet returned.


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